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The Chip ShopI come from what I call a ‘road trip family’. We really get around the place and there are very few parts of New Zealand I haven’t seen. We’ve been known to go from Auckland to Rotorua and back in a day, although we prefer a weekend, and give us a long weekend and who’s to say where we’ll end up. I have to say I haven’t been everywhere in NZ, but not far off and as far as I know – and please comment and correct me if I’m wrong – The Chip Shop on Manukau Road, Royal Oak is the only one to do coeliac safe, gluten free fish ‘n’ chips. And I love them for it! I mean, wow, gluten free fish ‘n’ chips, what more could you want? Well, how about award winning gf fish ‘n’ chips that are prepared and deep fried in a coeliac safe, contamination free space, completely separate to all products containing gluten? Seriously, The Chip Shop delivers on all fronts.

For the record those awards include being named “Best Gluten Free Takeout in Auckland” in the Viva 2010 Takeout Awards and “Best Fish and Chips Takeout in Auckland” in the Viva 2011 Takeout Awards. Not something to be sniffed at.

To be fair, I would go there even if the fish ‘n’ chips weren’t the best as this is one of the things I missed the most over the five years I spent being coeliac and not knowing about The Chip Shop. Even though I hardly ever have this kind of food, the thought of never having it again was kinda depressing and it was such a delight to find this place, especially when you count the fact that these really are the best fish ‘n’ chips I have ever had.

Now if all of that wasn’t exciting enough for you, the good news doesn’t stop there. You see there are other gluten free delights on offer too. Although not everything on the menu is gluten free (the menu clearly states what is and isn’t) there are enough gluten free options to keep you trying new things for a very long time. There are paua fritters and battered mussels, a fish meal and a sausage meal, hot dogs on sticks, a smoked fish pie, burgers and sauces and so much more. As I said I don’t go there too often and I haven’t yet tried everything I want to, but I am dying to try the kumara chips and corn fritters as well as the grilled fresh snapper. There are even two dessert options, a pineapple fritter with cinnamon sugar and a whole battered banana with cinnamon sugar. Honestly, There are so many options you’d never even know you were coeliac at The Chip Shop.

Trevor and Tina are ready to serve you fantastic fish 'n' chips.On top of all that the owners are very friendly and the service is great. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night be prepared to wait a little for your food, just a half hour or so. This is only because they are so busy, a testament to the quality of the food. That is unless you order over the phone, then they have your lunch or dinner ready when you are. Yes, you read right, they do lunch as well.

The shop itself is small and doesn’t provide a dine-in option, but there is a comfy couch to sit on while you wait for your order. The food is always well wrapped to keep it warm while you make your way home or to Cornwall Park which is just up the road and the perfect spot for a picnic lunch or tea on one of Auckland’s perfect summer evenings (or picturesque autumn evenings, or crisp winter’s days or warm spring afternoons). Now I ask you, what could be easier or nicer than a coeliac safe, fish‘n’chips picnic in the park with the best fried goodies you’ll find anywhere? Just add great company and personally I reckon there’s nothing better.


6 thoughts on “The Chip Shop Ltd

  1. Hi Bilinda,
    It’s Trevor & Tina formerly of The Chip Shop in Royal Oak with some news:
    When we started our voyage at the helm of The Ancient Mariner eight months ago, we wish somebody had warned us that sailing was the fine art of getting wet and becoming ill while slowly going in the wrong direction at great expense. :- )
    Yes indeed, charting a course through the territorial waters of the Auckland City Council proved to be a tricky business which at times threatened to capsize the boat, drown our dreams and suck our finances dry. But we learned two important lessons in the process: if you can’t change the direction of the wind, you have to trim your sails; and if there be no wind, you just gotta row, row, row your boat 🙂
    Happy to report that despite some intermittent patches of foul weather, we finally struck a beauty of a breeze and she’s finally headed home to a safe harbour. We thank you for your patience, for holding our hopes aloft and for keeping the faith through the ebb and flow of our passage.
    The Ancient Mariner will lower the gangplank at 12 noon on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014, and it would be bloody marvellous to have you on board then or in the near future.
    Best regards,
    Trevor & Tina

  2. Thanks Bilinda and villageambler, we greatly appreciate your words of praise as we value our customers’ feedback more than anything else, as this is the only true indication of how well (or not) we are doing what we do. We have a wall hanging @ back of the shop with the following words which were written by Mahatma Gandhi ages ago and this simple philosophy has been our guiding principle ever since we opened the doors of the shop to the public. It reads like this:
    “Customers are the most important people on our premises. They are not dependent on us, we are dependent on them. They are not an interruption to our work, they are the reason for it. They are not outsiders to our business, they are a part of it. We are not doing any favours by serving them, they are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.”

    • You are so welcome. That is such a lovely quote and a great philosophy and it really shows in the way you treat your customers with such kindness and warmth. My husband and I really do love visiting The Chip Shop.

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