It seems that sometimes life gets in the way of living.

When I began this blog I was really enthusiastic about it. I wanted to help other people with severe gluten intolerance and thought that if I could help one person find somewhere safe where they could dine out with family and friends without fear of becoming ill, then I had done a good job. Somewhere along the line life got busy and my blog paid the price.

I am happy to say that I am back and determined to stick with my blog. In light of that I must warn of a few changes to previous posts.

Firstly “The Chip Shop” is under new management. Trev and Tina (former owners) informed me that they would fully train the new owners in looking after their coeliac customers, however beyond that it would be up to the new owners as to whether or not they continued the safe practices. Trev and Tina have a new venture, which I will discuss in a blog entry soon and I have to say I have followed them. I haven’t been back to ‘The Chip Shop’ since Trev and Tina moved on and therefore I cannot confirm whether or not it is still safe for coeliacs. I intend to do some research into this but if there is anyone out there who is still a customer and knows whether or not the new owners have kept up with the safe gluten free practices I would love to know. In the meantime please DO NOT take my old post as confirmation that you can safely eat there.

Hell Pizza – sadly I have to report that the last time I ordered a pizza from the Symonds Street store (just a few weeks ago) I became very ill from it. As far as I could tell the pizza was gluten free so I assume one of their staff wasn’t careful about contamination issues. I intend to inform them and ask them to re-train their staff as this is not acceptable. I do have to say that I have had a number of their pizzas and normally they are safe but I do suggest you are careful if ordering from them and are explicit about your needs.

The Library Café is also under new management and again I haven’t been there since the changeover so I cannot say as to whether or not it is still safe for coeliacs so again please DO NOT take my early post as proof that you can eat there.  I will research this establishment again also.

On a brighter note I have some fantastic new places to tell you about and will do so very soon!