Takeaway Chains That Cater To Coeliacs

Hell Pizza and Burgerfuel are the only two take-away chains I have found (so far) that do coeliac safe fast food. Some chains offer gluten free pizza bases or burger buns but I have found they are not as careful with their food preparation as these two chains. For this reason I am stating that you will only find contamination free, gluten free options here.


Hell Pizza, Symonds StreetHell Pizza places (which are all around New Zealand – see website for locations) offer gluten free pizza bases and a gluten free base sauce. Their pizzas certainly aren’t the cheapest around but they are really, really good. Inside Hell Pizza, Symonds StreetObviously not all the pizza toppings are gluten free but they offer a ‘creator’ pizza which allows you to choose exactly what toppings they do and don’t put on your pizza. They also offer vegetarian and even vegan options for those of you who are also vegan and/or can’t eat dairy or egg.  They offer other choices such as BBQ Pork Ribs and a Lamb Shank meal which they claim are also gluten free. I personally haven’t had these but if I was going to I would first check about the gravy and sauces on these items.  There is also a gluten FRIENDLY chocolate brownie. This is fine if you struggle a bit with gluten but if you are coeliac be very wary, it doesn’t have any gluten in it but isn’t prepared in a specifically gluten free kitchen. Whenever I order a pizza from them I make sure I request the staff wash their hands, use separate utensils and keep my food well away from anything that has gluten in it and I have found the staff to be very obliging and haven’t had any problems eating the pizza. One final point, they deliver, so you don’t even have to leave the house to get a great, safe pizza.



Burgerfuel, Parnell RoadWhat can I say? Everyone wants a burger from time to time, right? Well at Burgerfuel you won’t just get any old burger. We are talking gourmet burgers here and if the counter staff is unsure which toppings are gluten free, you can ask for the manager, or let them know that they will find a printed list under their counter. Burgerfuel outlets are all over New Zealand and are often situated close to movie theatres and entertainment areas – such as pretty much next door to Imax on Queen Street, around the corner from Takapuna’s bars and on Parnell Road opposite the Irish Pub – so can be a useful part of a night out as well as just being a safe option for takeaway nights.  Gluten free burgers will take a little longer to prepare and serve but rest assured this is because the staff will be making sure your burger is safely prepared away from any foods containing gluten and trust me they are worth the wait. For the record the relish and aioli are both gf and really good additions to your burger experience. Most of the stores are rather small so there isn’t a huge amount of space for extra deep fryers. This means that although the chips are gluten free they are cooked in the same oil as products containing gluten so if this is a problem for you (as it is for me) then fries are off the menu, but trust me with the size of the burgers you won’t miss them.

If you do have a hankering for fries then I am about to let you in on my secret place to get them in my next post, so watch this space.